Das Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz Die Anlagen in der Übersicht


The Schloss and Schlosspark Oranienbaum

The “Dutch ensemble”

The prominent baroque ensemble of town, Schloss, and Schlosspark lies approximately 6 km to the east of the Dessau-Ost (Dessau East) motorway exit.

The Schloss and Schlosspark Mosigkau

The rococo pearl

Located only a few kilometres to the west of Dessau, the rococo Schloss of Mosigkau and its gardens were created from 1752 to 1757.

The Schloss and Park Luisium

A private refuge for the princess

The Park situated on the north-eastern edge of Dessau, which was laid out commencing in 1780, having been commissioned by Prince Franz for his consort Louise, is surely the most idyllic in the Gartenreich.

The Schloss and Park Wörlitz

An Enlightenment country estate and garden full of art treasures

The Park at Wörlitz is the high point of a unique landscape beautification project implemented by Prince Franz in the course of his almost 60-year reign.

The Sieglitzer Berg

Forest solitude

Commencing in 1777, Prince Franz had a forest park approximately 25 hectares in size laid out halfway between the Luisium in Dessau-Waldersee and the old fishing village of Vockerode.

The Schloss and Park Georgium

The ensemble in the heart of Dessau

Beside the Wörlitzer Park, the Georgium is the most significant landscape garden in the English style in the Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz.