Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz Aktuelle Ausstellungen


seasonal permanent exhibition Back into the light - Georg Forster and the Southseas Collection of Woerlitz

From the „Resolution“ – Captain Cook’s three-master – to the revolution in Mainz: the first part of the seasonal permanent exhibition about Georg Forster in Schloss and Park Wörlitz takes a good look at the live, work and impact of the great European and cosmopolitan.

Synagogue of Wörlitz

Insight - Jewish History in Anhalt

This permanent exhibition is a cooperation between Kulturstiftung Dessau-Wörlitz and Moses-Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft Dessau e. V.

Permanent exhibition in Schloss Oranienbaum

TabakCollegium - Collector’s House

Schloss Oranienbaum has an additional valuable asset: „Collector’s House – TabakCollegium“ can be visited in the newly restored northern Cavaliers’ Pavilion.

Permanent exhibition Schloss Oranienbaum

History of hunting in Anhalt-Dessau

Several restored rooms on the upper floor establish the setting for the exhibition.