Holiday homes

The renting of this holiday home is done by the team of the hotel "Zum Stein" in Wörlitz.

Please inform yourself about the availability by phone or e-mail:

T: +49(0)34905.50-0


Please inform yourself about the availability by phone or e-mail:

Ringhotel zum Stein
Erdmannsdorffstr. 228
D-06785 Oranienbaum-Wörlitz / OT Wörlitz

T: +49(0)34905.50-0



The „Italian Farmhouse“, also called „Piedmontese Farmhouse, was built by the principle architect of prince Leopold III. Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau, Georg Christoph Hesekiel, along the shore of Großes Wallloch on a hill in 1792/93. The garden house was first mentioned in August Rode’s description of the English landscape park of Wörlitz in 1798 as a „guardhouse near a timber stockyard in the Piedmontese architectural style“.

According to legend it was commissioned by grand duke Carl August von Sachsen-Weimar as a present für Fürst Franz. The grand duke had frequently stayed with Goethe in Wörlitz and Dessau and had found many inspirations for the beautification of his own grand duchy.

The plastered rectangular building over a massive substructure and with a saddle roof has a base area of 6.60 x 9.00 metres. Since the construction, the basement, the main floor and the upper floor offer enough living and usable space. It was permanently used as a residence from probably the 19th century until 2010.
Thanks to a generous gesture from Christa Verhein Stiftung and Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz the Piedmontese Farmhouse was renovated from 2015 to 2016. A living room, an open-plan kitchen and a bathroom on the ground floor as well as two bedrooms and a lavatory on the upper floor offer enough room for two to four people to stay overnight. Bookings are made via Ringhotel „Zum Stein“ which is only 750 metres away.

Foregoing internet connection, radio and television was a conscious decision. Thus, future guests have the unique chance to experience this UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site at one of the landscape garden’s most beautiful and peaceful locations. Guests are welcome to slow down and enjoy nature’s quiet. Upon request, the Piedmontese Farmhouse offers room for up to four people and can be booked for at least two nights.

Services included
breakfast basket, daily newspaper, drinks from the house bar, small tour guide of Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz, rental bikes, parking space at the hotel

The Roman swimming complex at Ringhotel „Zum Stein“ can be used. Several services like cold or warm dinner, breakfast „Fürstenfrühstück“ etc. can be booked additionally.

We have a strict non-smoking policy in the Piedmontese Farmhouse as well as in the entire Gartenreich. Pets are not permitted.