The Schloss and Park Wörlitz An Enlightenment country estate and garden full of art treasures

The Gartenreich

Schloss und Park Wörlitz
D - 06785 Oranienbaum-Wörlitz / OT Wörlitz

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An Enlightenment country estate and garden full of art treasures The Schloss and Park Wörlitz

The Park at Wörlitz is the high point of a unique landscape beautification project implemented by Prince Franz in the course of his almost 60-year reign.

Its designs were true to his maxim of combining “the useful with the pleasant”. Thus, the gardens also were used for innovative forms of fruit cultivation, arable farming, and livestock farming. The garden’s five individual sections are united by a system of sight lines, paths, canals, and plantations of trees to create a single artwork. Numerous pieces of garden architecture and sculptures serve as the starting and end points of these sight lines, which extend far beyond the imaginary boundaries of the Park Wörlitz.

The most outstanding building is the Schloss; it is Germany’s first classicist building, constructed by Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff between 1769 and 1773. Its lavish interior decoration, which is preserved in its entirety, reflects the Prince’s travels to Italy and Great Britain and his marked interest in ancient art. Now, 250 years after its building (and following an extensive renovation lasting 20 years) the stately house of Wörlitz can, for the first time, be viewed in its entirety. The view from the belvedere impressively reveals the Park as a unified composition.

Special features:
Gartenreichinformation and restaurant in the Küchengebäude (the kitchen building).