Synagogue of Wörlitz Insight - Jewish History in Anhalt

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Insight - Jewish History in Anhalt Synagogue of Wörlitz

This permanent exhibition is a cooperation between Kulturstiftung Dessau-Wörlitz and Moses-Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft Dessau e. V.

The princely government built in 1789 and 1790 a new synagogue to establish an architectural link between the town and the estate of Wörlitz. Furthermore, a ritual bath (mikveh) was installed that can still be visited today. Jews used the synagogue for worship and other activities until the 1920s.

The building could be saved from demolition in November of 1938, during the so-called Reichskristallnacht. In 2003, restoration was completed and a permanent exhibition created that offers an insight into the history and daily lives of Jews in Anhalt from the 17th century until 1945.

Jewish communities that played a most important role in the history of Anhalt as well as prominent Germans that were Jewish like Moses Mendelssohn and Hermann Cohen are introduced. The exhibition is completed with common objects used for religious purposes.